Ultra Viole​(​n​)​t Voodoo EP

by Open Green

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Demo EP
Follow the tale of our protagonist who falls in love with the Girl in Pink
In "Hot Dog (Let's Go)" he falls for her immediately
"Walking in My Sleep" she finds out he is dealing with some issues
"Cherry Chapstick" is his account of how he fell for her
"The Morning After" is our protagonist's realization that she isn't all he thought her to be
"Pale White" shows our two lovers coming to terms with eachother

This story's actually bullshit but the album's free so what are you complaining about?


released August 22, 2013

Produced by Nico Botezatu
Guitar/Lead Vocals- Sean Lee
Guitar/Backing Vocals- Nico Botezatu
Drums/Backing Vocals- Jered Aragon
Lyrics by Sean Lee



all rights reserved


Open Green Pasadena, California

Sean Lee-Vocals Guitar
Jered Aragon- Drums
Nico Botezatu-Guitar

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Track Name: Hot Dog (Let's Go to the Beach)
Baby, where did you come from?
The war's been over in Vietnam
Twenty Five years has been too long

Let's Go let's go to the beach
Take your shirt off and swim with me
To the Beach!

Honey You never loved me
You're always pushin me further away
I can't stand it any longer
So I'm gonna GO

Track Name: Walking In My Sleep
Wouldn't it be great if we could swim to the bottom of the Sea?
Your hands would be grasped in mine and we would be happy
I'm sorry to say that I don't really want to go
Besides I'm afraid of heights and I don't love you anymore.

I had a dream when it was day I could not really contemplate
If I was only half awake or in summer summer kind of haze
Some dirty little kids, were walking down my street
And their ears were wrapped around some repetitive little beat

Let me stay this way (this way!)
I never want to wake
I'm happy can't you see? (you see!)
When I'm living in my dreams

My girlfriend she likes to watch me sleep
She cuddles me close and wonders how it would be
If she could put her fist straight through my head
Cause she hates me and wishes that I was dead


And I know that you're lonely or so it seems
But you can't go own living in your dreams
Track Name: Cherry Chapstick
Girl wearing pink at the yellow green drugstore
Popping her pills like they're rainbows in disguise
Wondering Why? Why nobody loves her
Thinking She'll be lonely until the day she dies

My Love for her is red like her cherry flavored chapstick
Wondering if her lips will ever meet mine?
Her love for me is dead cause she doesn't care I exist
Not Looking for a "who" just wondering why why why...

So I go to the beach where I heard she was staying
I'm smoking my cigarette and drinking my wine
And I see that girl there she's all by herself now
So I pop my collar up, I'm gonna make her mine

And I said, "hey do you remember that time we sat in the classroom?"
Your hands were grasped so firmly in mine?
And she looks at me for a moment as her eyes begin to realize
The moment we shared can be described as quite sanguine

Track Name: The Morning After
Last night I tried to see how far I could go
This morning I realized not far
Running upstairs and seeing bright stars is no fun when you're back down

Where can I go? Take me far from here
Where can I go? Take me away

Last night I drank just a little too much
You told me to stop but me I just shrugged
You make a lot more sense now that I woke up
You make a lot more sense now that I'm conscious


I shouldn't have done all the things that I had done last night
I shouldn't have run from all the fears that keep me up at night


This morning when I woke up
I looked in the mirror and gazed at my reflection
I saw the state I was in
and I can't cope anymore

Track Name: Pale White
I look into your eyes and I'm greeted with the stare of pale white
All your present fears they hide behind the facade of tears
So I'm just biding time. Until the day your mine

You look into my eyes and all you see are the flaws of my past
But I've been lied to before and I know for sure your love won't last
So I'm just biding Time. Until the day your love dies

Who am I? To you? A pretty face? A friendly place in this sad sad world?

You're my pale white blue eyes